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with Kelli

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. 

My son/daughter is interested in cake decorating, can they take your classes?
If they are interested in cake decorating, they usually enjoy taking the classes.  I have had a number of young teens and pre-teens take classes with and without another adult (like a parent or grandparent) present.  The classes are generally two hours in length and they need to be able to do things on their own as, depending on the size of the class, I am not able to help students get prepared for each lesson segment.  Those children that are 13 and older are quite capable of this.  If they are younger than that, I would suggest that they take the project classes specifically designed for children ages 8 to 14 as some of the techniques are more difficult for them because of their smaller hand size and grip strength.

How much do supplies cost?

This answer is a bit complicate.  For many of the classes, I will supply everything for that particular lesson.  If you would like to continue decorating at home, supplies can be purchased at a variety of retail stores.  Store coupons are a wonderful way to make your money go farther! If you have a question as to what the supplies are used for each class, please let me know and I would be happy to give you a list of those items.  

My child/friend and I are taking the class together, can we share supplies?
If supplies are not included in the class, it is best if each student has their own supplies.  This gives you enough time to practice the technique in class and the opportunity for me to assist you if you are having difficulty.  

I can't make it to one of the classes, do you have make-up lessons?
I do not schedule make-up lessons. However, I know that life happens, and sometimes a student can't make it to class.  I will always allow a student to come in and participate at a future session of the same class.  I ask that you contact me first to make sure that the class is in session and that there is room available.

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